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Signs from White Eagle

When I began sitting for trance mediumship 3 years ago a guide would come through me and soon introduced himself as “chief”.  Over time he made it very apparent his name was “White Eagle” and I was his son in a past life.  When I was with him in trance mediumship sessions everyone that saw him always saw a vision of an eagle when he was around. Now being the sort of guy that needed evidence, I began asking spirit directly, saying “ok spirit, if this is true, I need a bit more proof, can you show me a sign?”

Over a course of the last year these are the signs that came to me:

1. I did a soul retrieval guided journey with Nicole Powell and during the journey she asked me to reclaim a part of myself that was lost and needed to come home. To my suprise it was a white eagle feather. Nicole was coming to visit me in Germany a couple of months later and she felt called to bring me an eagle feather from Canada. She had gone out into the forest in Squamish, BC and asked the elementals to gift her one to bring to me. Within 24 hours that call was answered and she brought me the eagle feather, which her guides asked me to hang in my trance mediumship seance room.

2. When I first came to Canada, as I was being driven from Vancouver to Victoria, there were many eagles swooping in front of the vehicle along the highway, with little regards for the rules of the road. I felt at home immediately and had comfort from the eagles.

3. Nicole and I arranged for our first workshop to be at the CorUrum yurt in Victoria BC, and we had 16 students come for this workshop. When I was leading the students through meditation I noticed there was children looking in through the window to see what I was doing. But they were also looking above the yurt and pointing. After the meditation we took a break and went outside. There was a lady guiding a kids camp and she shared with our students that during our last session there were 16 eagles flying and circling the top of the yurt. This young lady was wondering what we were doing. She said “keep doing what your doing, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life, and I”ve been coming here for years!”

4. The next day we did the meditation again, at a different time, and again the eagles flew overhead. Nicole and I could see them through the glass skylight at the top of the yurt, circling and singing, but the rest of the class were unaware of this spectacle as their eyes were shut and they were off in deep meditation. You can hear the eagles calling during the recorded meditation, which is linked at the bottom of this page (3:20 mins into the recording). Ravens came in as well, singing and making noises, accompanied by the eagles. At one point during the meditation you could also hear and feel a sudden wind inexplicably stirring and shaking the yurt.

5. At the end of the second day of the workshop, I decided to do a trance demonstration for the 16 students and my guide “White Eagle” came through and spoke to them. During the trance demonstration the eagles returned and started singing outside of the yurt. Have there been enough signs yet? We have this recorded too.

6. One of my students, after seeing and meeting White Eagle through trance, felt inspired to buy me a gift. The gift was a Canadian Cowichan toque (hat) with a white eagle on it. She also gave me a card with an eagle and a wood box with an eagle painting on it. She wrote me an inspired message from my guide where he referred to me as “my son”. So I mentioned to her she was right, and that was the same vision I had seen all those years ago in my trance, visualisations where he had told me I was his son in a past life.

7. The evening after our weekend workshop we were invited to a first nations sweat lodge ceremony up the road in Duncan, BC. For those who are unaware, sweat lodges are a first nations tradition where community gathers and sits in a 10 x 10 lodge in complete darkness, with large coals in a circle in the middle. Under the guidance of an elder water is thrown over the stones to create steam and purify those present. Some herbs and tobacco are used in ritual and we are guided through an amazing experience of cleansing with prayers and song. While we were sitting I was aware of my guide standing close to me throughout. During one of the breaks a female elder within the lodge said that she had seen a bright light standing behind me, a shard of light that shone through the darkness of the lodge. When she said this a lady on the other side of the lodge echoed her sentiments. This other lady thought someone had been shining a torch/flashlight, but it was the energy of my guide White Eagle making himself apparent. The elder sitting next to me kept looking at me and noticed how the energy was different. She said that she was aware that my guide was there, that normally she would see spirit, but this time she could only see the white light./p>

8. A week later we did another workshop in Canada, which was a trance workshop, at OUR Ecovillage in Shawnigan Lake. At the end of the day I decided to do a trance demonstration for the students. I was a little nervous, considering this was my first time having first nations students, and I wanted to be respectful of their culture and belief system. When I went into trance it was noted that when my guide came through to speak that the accent he was using was native american, not british. And my first nations students said there were distinct facial changes where they could see first nation features and commented that they felt that this was very real to them. Other students were so excited that they couldn’t wait to tell me that the street, just metres from the healing sanctuary that we were working in, was called “White Eagle Road.”

9. One of the elders, who was a guest during the workshop, was so impressed with my guide that the next day she came to my service at the Cowichan Spiritualist Church of Healing & Light, with an offering for me. Wrapped in red cloth was, you guessed it, a white eagle feather. She said she had had this for years and just felt called to give it to me. This was the day before I left Canada, leaving me with one final sign to prove beyond a doubt the existence and intelligence of White Eagle.

Spirit has managed to convince not only my mind, but the students with me on this journey, just how amazing the intelligence of spirit is, continuously proving the message and guidance that is coming through me. He provides an abundance of evidence as to who he is, was, and how he is helping me and others along the journey of life. In one of the messages White Eagle gave he said it was so nice to be amongst his children once again and confirmed there would be many more trips to Canada. It is quite possible that many of those attending my workshops in Europe and Canada have walked with White Eagle in previous times.

The meditation can be found on my Signs of White Eagle.

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