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Most people nowadays are not able to enjoy their lives anymore. Busy work situations, financial problems, depression, social media pressure; sometimes you need a coach to get you back on track and make you feel happy within yourself again.

My own colourful live provides me with many insights, but also my work as a nurse for the elderly and the psychological background give me a strong base to help you find your path. If I can help you conquer your problems and find your inner strength and happiness, that gives me such joy.

During a coaching session we will practice soul exercises, breathing techniques, visualisations and conversations. This will lead you back to your feelings. I will give you the tools to (re)form your life, to make decisions, to come back to yourself. Mindfulness, living in the now! 

As a coach I can help you with:

  • Burn out or depressive thoughts
  • Highsensitivity
  • Loss of loved ones
  • The feeling of being trapped in life
  • The feeling of not getting further with your mediumship

Mindfulness or living in the now

"I can not find peace of mind"
"I feel depressed and down"
The most heard complaints of people nowadays. We run through our lives, are being dominated by our phones and emails...

Stop and stand still by yourself.

Everyone has the potential and the talent to shine.

Coaching session

A private coaching session is an investment in yourself! We will work together to solve problems or barriers that you can find on your path. This could be issues at work or in your relation, how to deal with your children, how to handle your high sensitivity or how to find your true self and your own happiness again. Together we can make your weaknessess your strenghts!

A privates session will be 60 minutes and cost Eur 75,-. All coaching is done in my practice rooms or over skype/

High Sensitive Person

A high sensitive person (HSP) is more sensitive to impressions, inputs, stimuli then the normal person. You are able to pick up signals and emotions from others very easily. In a big crowd or with loud music you feel over stimulated and quickly over strung. When are you or your child HSP? Answer these questions about yourself or your child:

My child/me... is easily scared
My child/me ...does not like surprises
My child/me ...feels every itchy thread in their clothing
My child/me ...seems to be able to read minds

If you can answer these questions with a yes that means you or your child are probably HSP. I can help you deal with HSP because I am HSP myself and I have children with HSP whom I have guided throughout their childhood.

5 mindfulness tips

Quick tips to get out of your head in one minute!

1 Think very conscious of your feet and how the earth feels on your feet.
2 Focus on your breath for a minute.
3 Place your hands on your stomach and breath towards your hands. Focus on how this feels.
4 Listen very attentive to a nice song and feel what it does to you.
5 Bring your attention to the tip of your nose and try to feel the temperature of this tip.

I can give you the tools to let you choose your own path


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