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27-11-2019 Mediumship Mentorship Online Program Wednesday

 An online Mediumship Mentorship Programme in which I will take you under my wing for a year to teach you, help you and guide you with your mediumship and your own development. We will meet online for 10 three hour sessions to learn about subjects such as the power, confidence, philosophy, psychic versus mediumistic work and muc more. Besides that you will get three private sittings with me for an hour in which you can ask me your questions, I can assess you or give you a reading! There will be lots of practice, excercises and also a closed facebook group in which I will be posting live calls. A full programme to help you reach your full potential as a medium.

Eur 799.00

What will we learn:

Subjects that will be covered in this mentorship are: confidence, building and maintaining a link, building your power up, private readings, psychic versus mediumistic work, demonstration mediumship, inspirational speaking, philosophy of mediumship, trancemediumship and healing, the mechanics of mediumship and the soul of mediumship. I will be teaching according to the British Standards of the Spiritualist National Unions guidelines, also known as English Mediumship.

What is included:

10x Three hour online classes - 3x  One hour private mentoring session with Jason 
- Access to a private Facebookgroup with live sessions with Jason 
- Recordings of the classes
- Recordings of the meditations 
- One year special email support where you can ask questions referring to your mediumship development
- 30 Minute interview upon subscription to assess your needs and talents. 
- Homework (practising outside the classes
- Practising opportunities with the other groups.

Wednesday Group:
- 10x  Three hour Online classes: november 27th 2019, january 8th, february 5th, march 4th, april 8th, may 6th, june 3rd, september 2nd,  november 18th and december 9th 2020.
From 7pm until 10pm Amsterdam time (this should be mornings for most of you, please check the google timetable)
- 3x One Hour Private Mentoring, to be arranged with you
- Access to Facebook Group upon subscription
- Recordings of the classes will be posted in the Facebook group
- Upon your subscription we will contact you for an interview session

This course is open to people from all over the world, who really want to work to push their mediumship forwards! It is english spoken.

Agenda Jason Goldsworthy


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