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07-07-2020 Discover the Clairs free Webinar

Join me on this talk about the 6 clairs used in mediumship. What are the clairs? How can you learn to use them? join me july 7th, 5pm Amsterdam time (CEST) and learn about the clairs. You can reserve your space via the link: eventbrite

14-07-2020 Summer Mediumship Event

An evening of inspired speaking, mediumship and music where we can all feel the love of the spirit world. Let us celebrate together that love never dies, that our loved ones in spirit are still near and that we can be togehter online to feel this connection.You can reserve your seat via the link: Eventbrite

18-07-2020 Spirit & new Consciousness

Because of a global pandemic and culture upheavals, we're living in a different world. As a result, this isn't only about pushing ourselves or stepping out of the comfort zone, but also going deep into a spiritual level to find the courage to take our spiritual work to the next level. We will be doing this in the knowledge that we're not the same people we were several months ago. The first part will consist of trusting in oneself, and in spirit through exercises and meditations. What's involved is moving out of the basic survival mode in which we live (ego), and becoming aware of our higher selves. Sara and Jason will support you on this path through meditations, discussions, excersises and more.

Eur 70.00

In the second part, we step into our higher selves in a powerful meditation that addresses the energy shift we've experienced. A discussion follows about the difference between the ego (survival) and the higher spiritual self. Exercises follow to challenge ourselves, doing things in mediumship we thought impossible while holding each other in supportive energy. People should come away having stretch themselves, along with being on the path to personal grow

The workshop consists of two days of 3 hours workshop: saturday und sunday, july 18th and 19th from 4pm until 7pm Amsterdam time, or 10am till 1pm Pitsburgh time. You will be learning from Sara Sachs and Jason Goldsworthy, both experienced mediums and coaches.

21-07-2020 Psychic vs mediumistic free webinar

Join me on this talk about the difference between psychic and mediumistic mediumship. How would you know or feel how a medium is working. Join me july 21st, 5pm Amsterdam time (CEST) for a webinar on this subject. You can reserve your seat via the link: Eventbrite

25-07-2020 Students Mediumship Demonstration

Join my students who are so great to having the courage to work for the Spirit World. Lets all support them and give them love and energy on this evening.You can reserve your space via the link: Eventbrite

26-07-2020 Praktijk gesloten - Vakantie

De praktijk is van 26 juli tot en met 16 augustus dicht voor vakantie.

Agenda Jason Goldsworthy


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