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I am Jason Goldsworthy, a spiritual medium and coach. I work internationally as a medium, in countries such as England, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands. My family’s home is in Lage in Germany, just across the border from Ootmarsum in the Netherlands. My practice and spiritual centre are based in this beautiful village.

As a little boy I already felt people around me that nobody else could see. I could feel them and know things. I was able to tell my parents things that I could not have known. When I was young this was not accepted so I hid these knowing and feelings. Many years later after receiving a reiki treatment, I started to re-discover the spiritual world. As an adult I was better able to deal with my seeing or feeling things from loved ones in the spirit world. It was not until after my brother passed that I realised how strong these feelings were. I literary felt my brother standing behind me.

To discover my talents and find out the possibilities I started training with some of the best and most reliable mediums in the world; Mavis Pittilla, Paul Jacobs, Eamon Downey and Jose Gosschalk. Nowadays I still go to the Arthur Findlay College in England once a year to continue working on myself.

The spiritual world communicates to me through images, sensing, hearing, knowing, smelling and sometimes tasting. The most special moments are when my mind is not interfering and the communicator from the spirit world just flows through me. The evidence of life after death and the message for the recipient just pours out

It is a beautiful feeling for me that you allow me to be the bridge between the loved ones in the spirit world and you. I can do this in private sittings, demonstrations of mediumship, workshops, courses or training. My inspiration is that I can proof to you that our souls are continuous; our life’s do not stop after we pass over.

Besides my mediumship work, I also work as a coach and healer. I use my own soul techniques as well as all the techniques that I have learned over the years. Also because of my regular work as a carer for the elderly I have been trained psychologically which means that I have a lot of tools available to give you the right kind of coaching.

The motto of my practice is that everyone has their own unique gifts, everyone has their own soul potential and talent that is waiting to be discovered!

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Arthur Findley College

The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England.

A very famous and renowned college for spiritual studies, eg. mediumship, healing and trance.

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Work experience

As a medium I was trained by some of the best mediums in the world. I followed the mentorship programme with Mavis Pittilla, I participated in several courses with Paul Jacobs in Hannover and I did the three year medium course at the Academy for Mediumship with Jose Gosschalk. Every year I go to the Arhur Findlay College in England where I have trained with Tony Stockwell, Janet Parker, Eamon Downey, Mavis Pittilla, Paul Jacobs and Jose Gosschalk.

As a teacher I have more then 8 years experience in teaching groups on mediumship, healing and spirituality. I am also a tutor for participants of the SD1 course from the SNUI in England.

As a coach and healer I am a Reiki Master, I received initiations in Reiki Shamballa, I did workshops in Touch for Health and trancehealing. Also I studied coaching methods such as The work from Byron Katie, Sedona method and EFT. All these techniques and my experience as a medium can help me find the right coaching method for you.

Enrich your soul, enrich your life, enrich your mediumship!

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