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13-04-2019 Mediumship - The journey online

Enrich your soul, enrich your life, enrich your mediumship! 

What does  spiritual development or mediumship devolopment mean to you? How will it enrich your soul and your life? When you start developing mediumship in all its forms of messages from our loved ones, healing and inspired speaking, then you will start to feel a change inside you. The way you look at life and all its challenges will change. You will find the inner light in your soul, and you will find the nearness of your guides and loves ones.

Eur 125.00

Join me on this journey of self discovery and devolopment, discover your talents and learn to trust yourself, your guides and the Spiritual World. Join me in this first module of my online mediumship course.

We will meet on 6 evenings Amsterdam time at 19:30 pm until 21:00pm, on the following dates: 13 and 27th of April, 25th of Mai and 1, 15 and 22nd of June. It will be magical evenings/mornings! 

Agenda Jason Goldsworthy


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