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Everything is energy! Everything around us is energy and also human beings exist of energy. That is not only my opinion but also the opinion of scientists who practice quantum physics. Over the years I have had a lot of experience with energy and energy work, about 14 years ago I made my first contact with Reiki and over the years I studied lots of healing ways such as Touch for Health and Trance healing.

Trance healing is a form of healing where the healer goes into trance; a higher state of consciousness, where he or she makes contact with the spiritual world. This universal energy from the spiritual world is than able to come through the healer. This energy can give healing on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soul level. It can help with pain, emotional blocks, shortage of energy or illnesses.

You can compare the human body to a battery. Illnesses, stress, can empty the battery. A healing can charge the battery so that the body has the energy to heal itself further. It never ceases to amaze me to see the power of a healing from the spiritual world. The energy comes in pureness and love to help you. The healing can help you reconnect to yourself and give your body the strength to heal.

Trance healing or Reiki treatment

The word "Reiki" means universal living. Rei means universal energy and Ki means live. When you give Reiki you give this energy through to the person that you are treating.

Trance healing or Reiki treatment

A healing session cost Euro 60 for 45 minutes. I can give Reiki, Energy or Trance healings. Treat yourself to a healing, experience the feeling and feel ready to face the world after.

Healing Workshops

Throughout the year I organise Healing Workshops where we will explore the universal energy in small groups. Together we will learn about energy healing, trance healing and the frequencies of Healing. Please look in the diary for dates or contact me if you would like to organise something in your country.

Healing Year course

During the year I also organise Healing Workshops where we will work together in small groups to discover what healing energy is and how we can use this in our daily lives. You will learn how to give energy to yourself and your family. The workshop is also suitable for those already involved with healing, there is always more to discover! Since my first Reiki atunement almost 15 years ago, I have discovered so much more about healing which I would like to pass on. Just contact me for more details!

Healing Treatment is healing energy


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