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What I value most about my development as a medium and healer is the spiritual growth and growth as a human being that I experienced. In feeling the love and care of the Spiritual World it takes away your fear of living this life!

Join me on one of my courses in real life or via internet and let us discover together what beautiful growth you can experience with the help of the Spiritual World. Let us discover spirituality, the soul, our trust in the spiritual world and being able to a voice for them in this live. 

I work with small groups so that I can give everyone the attention and guidance that is needed. Unless otherwise stated the courses, workshops and trainings are in my practice rooms.

Mediumship Courses

Transformational Mediumship & Development voor Intermediates/Gevorderden

Do you have enough trust in yourself, your mediumship and the Spiritual World? Would you like to feel free in your mediumship? Would you like to be able to give readings with full confidence?

At my center in Lage, Germany, I teach year courses Mediumship for Advanced students.  In all my courses you will learn to built trust in yourself, your mediumship and the Spiritual World. By excersising in giving readings, and demonstrations, but also through meditations, soul excersises, and letting go of negative emotions throughout the year this trust will grow. We will practice within the group but also on guests and clients. This year is suitable for everyone that followed the basic year with me or with another medium, you need to be able to built a contact to the Spiritual World in order to follow this course. I only work with small groups so that I am able to give everyone the attention they need! As from 2019 I will develop this course also for an online training, so watch this space!

It is also possible for me to give this course in your country, eg. in blocks of a week or weekend. Just contact me to discuss the options.

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Mediumship and Spirituality for beginners

Discover your own natural unique mediumship talents! Everyone has natural mediumship talents waiting to be discovered, let me help you find yours! In my beginners course I will guide you in finding your natural mediumship talents, we will look at the possiblities and work together to reach these. I like to be able to guide everyone personally so I only work with small groups. Themes that we will work with are: What is spirituality? The Soul Our ego and trust in the Spiritual Wordl What is the Power, and how can I build this What is good evidence?

This course is held at my Spiritual Center, but I can also give this in your country as a week, or weekend block. Just contact me for more details.

Also for 2019 I plan to make this course available for online study, so watch this space or subscribe to my newsletter to be informed!

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Mediumship - The journey online

Enrich your soul, enrich your life, enrich your mediumship!

What does  spiritual development or mediumship devolopment mean to you? How will it enrich your soul and your life? When you start developing mediumship in all its forms of messages from our loved ones, healing and inspired speaking, then you will start to feel a change inside you. The way you look at life and all its challenges will change. You will find the inner light in your soul, and you will find the nearness of your guides and loves ones.

Join me on this journey of self discovery and devolopment, discover your talents and learn to trust yourself, your guides and the Spiritual World. Join me in this first module of my online mediumship course.

We will meet on 6 evenings Amsterdam time at 19:30 pm until 21:00pm, on the following dates: 13 and 27th of April, 25th of Mai and 1, 15 and 22nd of June. It will be magical evenings/mornings!

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