What is Mediumship?

What is Mediumship?

These are some of the questions that I get asked a lot. For me personally is mediumship the ability to give proof that our lives continue after our passing and that our soul is on a continuous journey. There is no end only a new beginning in the spiritual world.

What is a Medium?

A medium is aware of the spiritual world, they are able to function as a contact person between our world and the spirit world. The energy from the spirit world is much higher than the energy on earth, so in order to make contact a medium needs to raise their energy. Then it is possible for them to receive messages from the spirit world. Anyone can become a medium through following courses, listening to their feelings, practicing or starting a practice circle, but not everyone will become a Mozart or a Ronaldo. If you are interested in developing your mediumship please look at the course page for more information.

How to find a reliable medium?

A difficult question because different mediums can be good to different people. Everybody works in a way that is loving towards the spiritual world. The most important for me is that a good medium will never scare you or try to make you afraid of the spiritual world. An indicator for a good medium is if they have trained at for example the Arthur Findlay College in England. This is a well known institute for mediums, but if you have been here for one weeks of training does not mean that you are a qualitative good medium. In my opinion and from what I learned from the SNU (Spiritualist National Union) is also that a medium does not predict the future. The future is full of choices, and you can influence all choices. A reliable medium can feel into your situation and tell you about the choices but the final choice is yours. There are a lot of mediums online, my advice is look at them and feel for yourself if they resonate with you.

Can everybody become a medium?

Yes, the possibility is there in all of us. Everybody has the possibility to communicate with the spiritu world, and everyone can practice and develop this talent through exercises, workshops, meditations or training. But like every talent not everyone will be a master at it. It is like painting, everyone can paint, but not everyone will be the next Rembrandt or Picasso. For me the beauty is that mediumship is so much more than just learning about the spirit world, it is learning about yourself. You will be touched with in your soul and that will help you find your own power in this life.

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What forms of mediumship are there?

There are several forms of mediumship, such as psychic mediumship, trance mediumship or physical mediumship. Most of you will come to me to try and get a contact from their loves ones so I will focus on explaining that form of mediumship. More information about trance mediumship can be found under healing. If you would like to know more about physical mediumship, please contact me. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairtangency, and clairgustance are all part of mental mediumship. All of these are methods where the medium raises his or her energy to contact the spirit world so that they can deliver proof of the existence of the spirit world and give a message to the recipient. They will for example be able to describe the person, give details of jobs, or characteristics or even details of the home life of the passed away loved one. In a sitting I can also feel into your aura and energy. I can feel what you are dealing with and give you advise or insights on this matter. This is called a psychic or soul sitting.

Private sitting-Medium/Psychic

This will be a time for you and your loved ones to reconnect using me as your link. It will be a private and special time to share together. You can either visit me at my studio or we can use Zoom for distant calls.  All sittings can be recorded and mailed to you if you so desire. Sittings take 45 minutes and costs Eur 60,-. 

I can make contacts with your passed loved ones, but I can also make a contact with your souls energy to help you with problems you may have in your live at this moment. 

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Demonstration Mediumschap

How about an evening with your friends or family where you share memories and contacts of your loved ones! For me as a medium I am so grateful to be able to be this link between you and your loved ones. Just invite 8 to 12 people to your home and I come and join you.

An evening costs Euro 12.50 per person. If you live further then 45 kilometers away from me petrol costs will be added to this. Alternatively I can organise this evening in my practice room for the price of Eur 15 per person, inclusive of coffee and tea. It is also possible to give a demonstration of mediumship to parties of 12 people or more. Maybe you have booked a room yourself to cater for a larger number of people? For more information about this please feel free to contact me wth any questions you may have. I have given mediumship demonstrations in various countries like the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Canada and Germany, and i have always found it so gratyfing to see the love and healing that comes through from the spiritual world to us.

if you are not living in my country but would like to organise a workshop or evening for me to come and work, just contact me via info@jasongoldsworthy.com to discuss.

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Zoom or Skype Reading

This will be a time for you and your loved ones to reconnect using me as your link. It will be a private and special time to share together. You can book me from anywhere in the world using Zoom or Skype. All sitting are recorded and mailed to you if you so desire. Sittings take 45 minutes and costs Euro 60,-.  If you contact me regarding a reading, I will sent you a payment link and some possible dates for you to choose from. It is so beautiful that you can now have this opportunity to have a reading with me no matter where you are!

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